Annotations support in MySQL datasource?

Based on the documentation in, I was under the assumption that neither MySQL nor PostgreSQL support annotation queries. That page has a list of backends supporting annotations, and MySQL is not on the list. Annotations are also not mentioned anywhere at However, when specifically looking for this feature, I found and This sounds very much like annotations are supported with MySQL.

Before I start building a schema and filling a database with test data, it would be great to know what the actual situation is now – is that commit outdated by now, or is the documentation incomplete?

(I had to make some URLs above not links or it would not let me submit this post.)

Slightly expanding the question, I am also wondering about the general status of the MySQL datasource. It is not listed as supported on, but it is listed in the menu on the left and the MySQL datasource docs don’t say anything about it not being supported.

The MySQL data source is just very new so we haven’t updated all the docs. Thanks for pointing this out (will fix).

It does have annotation support and there is a long help section in Grafana about how to use it:

@rjung now I’ve updated the docs for MySQL and annotations:

Great, thanks a lot :slight_smile: