Alerts not triggering

Hey Folks,

Having a lot of trouble getting alerts to trigger at all, the end goal is to set it up so that if bandwidth goes above x to send a notification to a slack channel - the current rule is looking for a max anywhere below 350 which is 50 above the link capacity and in turn should always be true; However after 16 hours it has not triggered once.

I have:

  • Saved the dashboard
  • Tried a number of a different combinations that should always fire (and saved each time)
  • The test alert button indicated that it should fire and change to the ‘alerting state’
  • The test notification button successfully posts to the slack channel

Version: Grafana v4.6.2 (commit: 8db5f08)
Datasource: InfluxDB

Please check the grafana server log and follow troubleshoot guideline