Alerts do not change state, the trigger is not fired

Hi everyone!

I am carrying out a project in which my main datasource is Prometheus, for now there is no other connected to Grafana.

I have a logstash that sends data to Prometheus and as a dashboard I have the Grafana Labs dashboard (Logstash metrics dashboard for Grafana | Grafana Labs)

I have created a dashboard to create alerts, some of them are not working correctly and I do not understand the reason.

what I want to achieve is: when there is no data or when the value is below 0.00001, the alert is triggered. If any value is received receive the OK.

I’ve thought that maybe it’s the values, but it’s the avg that comes from logstash.

Grafana Version: 7.3.6

I ask for help :slight_smile:

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Did you ever resolve this? I had the same problem. For future reference I found I had been saving the panel and then testing but you also have to save the dashboard.

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