Alerting with NoData results in DataSourceError

I’m having issues that seem to have started with an update of Grafana (I’m running v9.1.2 now).
I have multiple alerts which are expected to see NoData coming from InfluxDB as a datasource.
This is an example of such an alert:

When I’m running those queries I get:

failed to execute conditions: can only reduce type series, got type noData

As said: I’m expecting to get a noData but for some reason Grafana doesn’t treat this as a noData alert anymore (it did work perfectly in older versions!) but tries to transform the noData inside of die Classic condition which fails and results in a DataSourceError which obviously isn’t the result I’m expecting.
I first thought this would be due to the use of classic condition but when I try to use “Reduce” and “Math” to get the same effect I get the exact same issue.

Does somebody know if this is a but that was introduced in one of the last versions or how to circumvent this behavior?