Alerting on percentage between 2 queries


I’m trying to configure an alerting for the percentage between 2 ElasticSearch queries. That should be computed (by ElasticSearch bucket scripts or by any plugin) per bucket. Some ES documents have an “status” (string) field. I’d like to do:

count status:error / count exists:status

I’ve been following MetaQueries plugin and it looks very promising, but it won’t do any alerting right now, because there is no backend plugin.
Just to make clear, I don’t have a problem with the presentation, just the alerting part. Although, it would be simpler to have a solution based on filtered queries or bucket scripts. Right now, we can do it with pie charts and stacked graphs.

My last line of thought is using 2 metrics, 1 is Count of the main query (which solves the denominator part) and 1 with a Sum over a new query.


At the moment, alerting just works on Graph Panel, I suggest you build the specific dashboard for alerting. You can do what you want to build the alert, as long the Panel is Graph.
Find the Bell icon like below in the Graph Panel