Alert Condition Information

I’m trying to set up a dashboard with the list of active alerts, but the alerts don’t show the important information as to why it’s currently active:

Looking at the alert state history I can see the information that would be useful:

Is there any way to get the eval condition information displayed on the active alerts panel? Additionally, I’m trying to integrate with VictorOps, and I’m running into the same lack of information - I can’t seem to find any way to include detail as to why the alert is currently active. Is there any way to include the matched metrics & values in the alert name? There looks to be useful information there.

Sample of the alert match info (posts are limited to only 2 images, so I had to include this separately):

When edit your Alert List panel, in options select Show=Recent state changes.

I noticed the recent changes list has the same detail as the state history screen shot I included in the post, but that’s not going to be useful for my case. I need to show all the currently active alerts, with their reason for being active.

That’s not currently supported.