Advanced Graphing (Part2): Visualize timeshift


The Graphite time series query language supports time shifts, so you can compare one metric against itself but for a different time range.

For example in the graph above we show dashboards downloaded on grouped into 6 hour buckets. You can also see the series but last week so you can easily compare how the current values compare against the week before.

If you zoom out so the time range is bigger then the time shift you can see how the green line is mirrored in the faint time shifted series further along the graph.

To accomplish this visual look we need to use a series override.

The override sets a line fill and disables line width on the time shifted series. This creates the desired “shadow” effect for the time shifted data.

Select specific day over last X years?

Will this work with InfluxDB also?


InfluxDB does not have a timeshift function :frowning:


Is there any way to create such graph (with charts from two time intervals on a single graph) with Elasticsearch used as data source?


Sadly only Graphite has timeshift integrated into its query analytics functions


And now? elasticsearch implemented the timeshift function? I found something called meta queries (, i’ll do a test…


Is it possible to de this with postgres backend ?