Add new metadata DB for grafana

This documentation we talk about 3 choose of db mysql or postgres or sqlite3.
Is there some way i can use my own custom db for storage of user and dashboard related data?
Which part of grafana code should i be looking into . to solve this problem.

you can check all posibility in
and later you can check it on your site

If u like, u can make your own plugin too

isn’t datastore different from grafana db .
According to me Datastore is place from where all stats or time series or table series data read.
grafana db is where all the metadata related to user and dashboard is being stored .

Or is it same thing?
Making custom plugin for datastore should solve this problem.

Me bad, i read datastore.

Anyone can help . which piece of grafana code should i look into.

Can anyone help. Or point which peace of code should look into . To start support for adding my db for storing dashboard metadata.