Accessing query editor elements in the datasource query method

Hi all,

I am playing with SimpleJSON plugin. I want to add select elements in the query editor. I added in the query.editor.html the following code:

<div class="gf-form max-width-80">
  <label for="srcSelect">Source:</label>
  <select name="srcSelect" id="srcSelect" class="gf-form-input" ng-model="" ng-options="f as f for f in ['x1 'x2"></select>

How can I access the value of the source selector in the query method?

Many thanks!

every property you set on target will be on the target objects sent to the datasource (SimpleJsonDatasource js class)

ok. But how I can access this target object in the query method? When I do this in the query method:
console.log(target) I get undefined. Can you put here some Code example for this?