3D Graphing libraries


I am working on gathering data from a LIDAR sensor and wanted to know if there are any plugins that I can use to render a 3D graph like plotly js in react. I already tried to use the plotly plugin available in grafana but it was not rendering as intended.

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Which 3d plotty vis did you have in mind?

There is also this grafana plugin


Thank you for the reply, The 3D visualization that I want are a 3d mesh, 3d scatter and a 3d surface graphs, I tried the apache e-charts plugin but they do not support 3d mesh graphs. Are there any other graphing plugins that support 3d graphs?

Could you Show us the plotty graph you want to use?

Right now I have it rendered in my react application and it looks like this :

This is supposed to represent a silo, the kind that stores grains, the outer surface is made up of a cone at the top, a cylinder in the middle and a circular disk at the bottom, inside the silo I have used a 3d mesh with which I am calculating all the scatter points below,

The plot with just the mesh looks like this :

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try this plugin

with this data

// Generating random data..
a=[]; b=[]; c=[];
    var a_ = Math.random(); 
    var b_ = Math.random(); 
    var c_ = Math.random(); 
// Plotting the mesh
var data=[
      type: 'mesh3d',
      x: a,
      y: b,
      z: c,

return {
  data : data

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