2 x stacked bar chart in one chart

Hi all,
having a bar chart for my pv stuff (pv produktuion and power usage )


In general this can be grouped in 2 stacked charts.
How can I do this with “pure” Grafana no additioonal plugins like echarts.

With echart it looks like this but with grafana is much nicer

any example aviable?


Welcome @amdcpu to the Grafana forum.

I tried to to this with some test data (two “separate” bar charts, side-by-side, which I ran as two queries: A and B). Unfortunately, I could not get it. The best alternative I could do was to use this transform (“Negative Y” for series B, which in your case would be the Power Usage:

many thanks for your effort.

ok, then I need to proceed further with echarts.