2 ideas for Alert mail

First feature: It would be nice to be able to have different text in emails when an alert triggers.

One graph with query A,B and C
Alert for A, B.
If Alert trigger on query A I want text in email to be “[Alerting] query A has triggered”
If Alert trigger on query B I want text in email to be “[Alerting] query B has triggered”

Second feature: Maybe have different text when sending Alert and OK.
I have a pump that sometimes get stuck, so I send an Alert to me and my wife.
My wife think there is a problem when she get “[OK]…” because the text in the mail says what to do solve the problem. Which the first Alert-mail also sends out.
So if you only read the text and not the subject it can be missleading


I think that these feature requests already are open/covered in the following issues: