2. How to check promtail agent status via promtail UI

I have enabled promtail in our ec2 instances via Ec2 service discovery now the question is how to check the status of agent is it running or not and forwarding logs to loki?, Is there a promtail ui to check the scrape config and status? is so can you guide me with the steps

Maybe you can use address and port and /targets endpoint?


That gives individual promtail agent target, is there any way to get the info from loki ui,
or something similar to prometheus ui.

I found an answer, we need to add the promtail agents & loki instances as targets to prometheus so that it scrapes the /metrics endpoint exposed by both loki & promtail to see the status of both.

I think I found another solution. There is an endpoint to loki which is /api/v1/label/host/values

Here you got the status of the endpoints:


Nah, the correct api point is this one: