XY Chart / Scatter Plot XY axis individual label customization

  • What Grafana version and what operating system are you using?
    v9.4.3 in a docker container

  • What are you trying to achieve?
    I am trying to put separate custom labels on the x and y axis in the xy chart visualization (scatter plot?)

  • How are you trying to achieve it?
    I am trying to use the GUI

  • What happened?
    There is only one input field for an “axis” label and when I put in a custom label name, it changes the labels of both axes

  • What did you expect to happen?
    That i can customize both axis labels

  • Can you copy/paste the configuration(s) that you are having problems with?

  • Did you receive any errors in the Grafana UI or in related logs? If so, please tell us exactly what they were.

  • Did you follow any online instructions? If so, what is the URL?

You can specify labels for Y-Axis using overrides.

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Thank you, I didn’t expect to solve this with overrides.
For those who struggle to find how to do it, here is what I did for my case:

Tab Overrides > Add field override > Field with name > {field which is used as y-Axis} > Add override property > Axis > Label

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