Xk6 kafka query

Hi @mostafa

I have some queries regarding using xk6 kafka extension.
I have below scenario where i have registry , repective jks files and one .p12 file for ssl truststore

props.put("ssl.truststore.location", "./jksfile/ca.p12")
props.put("ssl.truststore.password", "demo")
props.put("schema.registry.url", "https://pp")
props.put("schema.registry.ssl.truststore.location", "./jksfile/truststore.jks")
props.put("schema.registry.ssl.keystore.location", "./keystore-sr.jks")
props.put("schema.registry.ssl.keystore.password", "demo1")

i converted these .p12 and jks files to pem format . Now i am not sure how to use them in script . Where all i need to use this in tlc configuration and how . Can you provide one sample example. i am confused what will go in clientCertPem,
clientKeyPem , and serverpem

Hey @Shabd,

All the example script are available here. And this example shows how to pass TLS configuration to different methods. Just see the usage of the tlsConfig constant in the code to see how to use it.

Also, I added the feature to read certificates and keys from JKS files directly, but there is a bug that I’ll fix soon.

The bug is now fixed and you can use the JKS feature.

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