WorldMap Coordinates from a File - How with Geomap?

With Worldmap I provided a separate file for lat/long. Please, how do I accomplish this with geomap? My metric has a site numer but does not include lat/lon.

WorldMap we did this:
File here:

File coordinates:
{“key”:“10”,“latitude”:nn.nnnn,“longitude”:-nn.nnnn"name":“Site 10”},

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if your file does not include long/lat, where are those values located at?

Thanks for the reply I hope you can help. The file includes the lot /long, lat / long is not in the metric being posted from graphite.

File here:

File coordinates:
{“key”:“10”,**“latitude”:nn.nnnn,“longitude”:-nn.nnnn"**name":“Site 10”},

So where my file has lat / long, how can I get Geomap to use similar to world map.

What is this lot in this lot/long you mention?

I should have just included the help from World Map, this is what I mean by lat/lon:

" Worldmap will then match the metric name (target in the example data) with a key field from the location data. " So, how can I do similar with Geomap?

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notice this part

“The data comes from a database query: Prometheus, InfluxDB, Graphite, Elasticsearch, MySQL etc. It can be in the Time Series format or in the Table format.”

So your file approach will not work for geomap, unless you convert it to a geojson file

Any thoughts on how I can use a geojson file for coordinates?



you need to save your geojson in the folder you see listed above and type in that path with the geojson file name

Thanks, great!

My query is:

I used to make a geojson file. And the locations now show on the map:


Please, how do I map the count of (site 13) (3229) to the matching location? With WorldMap the “Key” did this.


“type”: “Feature”,
“properties”: {
“Site”: 13,
“Name”: “Site13”
“geometry”: {
“type”: “Point”,
“coordinates”: [

Graphite Query:
aliasByNode(integral(consolidateBy(sumSeries(*.count), ‘sum’)), 4)

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Might want to create a new discussion