World map live for grafana

Hi all,

I have seen before and obviously online and movies :slight_smile: a world map but showing active connections (usually used for cyber attack Dashboards) you can see the active connections pinging across the globe. I have a static world map which is default in Grafana.

Is there any community or commercial plugin one can buy that does this? If so would appreciate the pointer.

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Dear Carlos,

thanks for bringing this up. We are well looking into this direction for the Worldmap fork [1]. As far as we can see, fitting this with the upcoming support for streaming data into Grafana [2] and the new data shuffling architecture based on the DataFrame data model [3] would be a good idea.

While I can’t promise any timeframe, I am looking forward to any discussions about this topic and will be happy about any support revolving this.

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P.S.: We just created an issue for tracking this [4].


Thank you for the reply, more than happy to test anything once you ready. Just let me know.
I use to use Kibana and there was once a really nice plug in (no longer supported due to version changed) here is a link to the github might help -

Hi again,

we recently found Leaflet Realtime by Per Liedman, which could bring us closer to this shared goal.

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That looks promising! Is there currently a way to display GeoJSON data on the Grafana World Map Panel? Thanks!


Hi Christopher,

Not that I am aware of. We track two proposals where GeoJSON is referenced at [1,2], the original issue is [3]. However, @samhatchett has developed GitHub - CitiLogics/citilogics-geoloop-panel: Animated Maps in Grafana, see [4].

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[1] Choropleth map feature · Issue #40 · panodata/grafana-map-panel · GitHub
[2] Support live streaming · Issue #38 · panodata/grafana-map-panel · GitHub
[3] Add GeoJSON support · Issue #6 · grafana/worldmap-panel · GitHub
[4] Plotting longitude and latitude values on the map · Issue #66 · grafana/worldmap-panel · GitHub

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That’s really helpful! Thank you, @amotl! What are your thoughts on

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I appreciate your answers, useful for me too!


I still haven’t found any way to display custom geojson. Tried uploading it in the public directory but doesn’t work. Did you get any way to upload static geojson ?

@50shashwat - I still havent found a way to do this - hoping someone else has

Yes youcan display geojson data in grafana
See this thread