Why are the Iterations greater than Number of requests sent?

I am running a test with multiple groups and I am seeing this in the results. could some one please explain why would i see more iterations than the number if requests in this case ? Please let me know if you need any additional information.

Hi @amruth.chintha,
Given the min, med,p(90),p(95) and avg on the iteration_duration I would wager that you have a lot of iterations where you do nothing, possibly because of a syntax error and you have multiple branches in the default function.

Do you get any warnings/errors during the execution?
Try running with -v and smaller amounts of iterations/VUs to see more information.

I did get errors - Request Failed.
I was working with different loops in my script. I have modified my script and it worked as expected. As you said, it could be some kind of syntax issue.