While choosing Metric columns Type and Description are always empty

Hi there! I’m using Grafana + Prometheus 2.45.3 on Windows. Both programs were downloaded manually (no docker) - Grafana running as a service while Prometheus is opened in a console

Almost all is working as supposed. I connected Prometheus as a data source in Grafana, configure them to get their own metrics itself, and able to take data in Dashboard → Metrics explorer

BUT! Columns Type and Description are always empty

For the sake of interest, I downloaded and installed Grafana + Prometheus in Docker (using docker-compose), connected them and checked the same columns out - they are not empty

In both cases, I was looking at http://localhost:9090/api/v1/targets/metadata as a source of information received from Prometheus, and it was the same - included information fields like “type”: “counter”, “help”: “some description”

But i dont need docker case. I have to use them as window’s application in my study project

In first case, prometheus.yml:

 scrape_interval: 5s

 - job_name: 'prometheus_metrics'
   metrics_path: '/metrics'
     - targets: ['localhost:9090']   
 - job_name: 'grafana_metrics'
   metrics_path: '/metrics'
     - targets: ['localhost:3009']

I also tried to send some information to Prometheus, and I successfully did it, but the columns were still empty (i sended information in proper way with #TYPE and #HELP, i checked it out via Postman - all was fine, but columns was still empty)

Please help me solve this problem!