Where to setup JSON body for alerting webhook

Hi, I’m using grafana 8.5.2, self hosted, new alerting system, wanting to setup a webhook to send SMS via my provider (twilio) …

Alerting → Contact Points → New → Webook

… allows me to add the URL, METHOD, user, pass … all ok.

BUT, where is it possible to configure any additional JSON body data? twilio provides for setting the TO and FROM and BODY via JSON.

The docs (Contact points | Grafana documentation) list an example JSON body, can I configure to send some/all of that?

It seems like something that should be very obvious, but I just can’t seem to find it? I presume as soon as I hit “send”, I’ll find the answer :roll_eyes:

Is this a brand new instance? Are you using the legacy alerting system?

check out the new message templating docs: