When performing extensive read and write operations, InfluxDB encounters delays in real-time data writing

Hello, I encountered a slight issue while conducting stress testing using the k6 tool. Do you have a moment to provide some advice to help me troubleshoot? The scenario is as follows: I am performing end-to-end stress testing using k6, involving a total of 30 HTTP endpoints with a concurrency of around 100,000 requests. I’m distributing the load across multiple k6 instances on separate servers, with one server dedicated to writing logs to InfluxDB and Grafana for visualization. However, when dealing with a high volume of read and write operations, InfluxDB is not updating in real-time. Are there any potential solutions for this situation?

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It sounds like you’re pushing a high volume of data. The first steps should include an attempt to reduce it. You can read how and other options in the following topic The flush operation took higher than the expected set push interval - #3 by codebien.

It is a topic already extensively covered in other forum’s topic. Next time, remember to spend some time researching before opening a new one.

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