What is the story behind the name of "k6"?

Hey guys,

I am curious about the background story of the name. Where does k6 comes from?
It is because of the mountain in Pakistan?

Best regards

@SBJ The name of this project has been the source of some interesting drama. The story goes something like this, I’m probably forgetting details as it’s been a few years:

  1. The project was originally called “speedboat”
  2. As we got closer to a public release, we needed to come up with a new name and sought feedback from inside the company
  3. We somehow landed on the name Kapablo
  4. This resulted in it’s own disagreement with people either loving or hating the name
  5. We ended up sticking with k6, K + 6 letters (Kapablo), as that was going to be the short command users used in the CLI anyway
  6. As it shares the name with a mountain, someone made a mock up of a logo(not me).
  7. Someone realized the mountain kind of also looked like a graph and the current logo was designed.
  8. Here we are!

Full transparency: I was not in the kapablo camp from the start. As an avid hiker, I love the mountain/graph imagery and k6 name in general. :smile: