What is the default timeout that returns 'dial: i/o timeout' error on k6 test with load

I would like to know what is the default timeout value that returns “dial: i/o timeout”" error? If the requests made from k6 client to the server takes longer could that cause this error?

I’m getting so many errors dial timeout errors on high load for the server. Form the logs I can see the requests from K6 to the server sometimes takes more than 30s.
POST 200 17.72 KiB 39.727 s k6 0.49.0 https://xx.xx.com/

Hi @sashi1

dial: i/o timeout is not because server responds slowly (you would get request timeout in that case). It is because k6 is not even capable to connect to the server on TCP. The default request timeout value is 60 sec (Params) and I think the default dial timeout is 30 sec (I don’t know if it is possible to override this timeout value)

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