Variable to get Yesterday date

I am new to Grafana, and i would like to know if i can get Yesterday Date from a variable.
I am using ${__from:date} on a Dashboard with Infinity API JSON Request with a Body Content of:
With that variable I am getting the today date, so I would like to find a way to get yesterday date.
Thanks in advance,

Unfortunately, there is no way to directly perform math on variables like this (subtract a day from ${__from:date}. But there are two remaining options:

  1. Define a new TextBox variable for your dashboard called “yesterday” and enter the value in manually as text at the top of your dashboard. This will let you refer to ${yesterday} if you wish, or in your case, you might choose to call it ${RelevantBusinessDay}.

  2. Define a new Query variable, and use an external data source to do the computation for you. For example if you use Postgres, you can get yesterday’s date using a SQL query such as SELECT current_date - INTEGER '1' AS yesterday_date;. In this way, you can use an existing data source you have to “fetch yesterday” and then define that as the ${yesterday} variable for your dashboard.

To see how to set up custom variables like that, check these docs: