Variable query from TIG stack

I am running Grafana 8.1, InfluxDB 2.0, & Telegraf 1.20.

I am attempting to create a variable that will pull the hostname and allow you to select it from a list.

I am collecting the information from a Windows server with Telegraf. Here is the section where I attempt to collect the hostname:
ObjectName = “System”
Counters = [
“Context Switches/sec”,
“System Calls/sec”,
“Processor Queue Length”,
“System Up Time”,
Instances = ["------"]
Measurement = “win_system”

When I use the data explorer in InfluxDB I do not see the “host” value under “_measurements” → “win_system”. Below is the original query for the variable but I don’t know how to make it look in 'host" instead of “_measurements”.

SHOW TAG VALUES FROM “win_system” WITH KEY = “host”

I am very new to building these screens myself and I appreciate any help.

Here is how I can see the hostname in data explorer: