Using Node dependency in K6

In Our Gitlab yml we are using below image for k6
** name: loadimpact/k6**

But we would like to add node dependency k6-to-junit in our project. Since the above image doesn’t contains Node what should be the best approach in pipeline inorder to use the above dependency.

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Hi, sorry about the late response, and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

You could build an image using loadimpact/k6 as base (FROM loadimpact/k6) and install Node and k6-to-junit on top.

Or, since the k6 image only really bundles the k6 binary, you could build from a Node base image and have a COPY instruction to just copy the k6 binary: COPY --from=loadimpact/k6:latest /usr/bin/k6 /usr/bin/k6.

Thank you for information @imiric