Using K6 Locally with a LOcal Minio Instance without SSL

Im trying to test k6 locally with a Minio Standalone server installed on the same machine

The AWSConfig Object supports the Normal S3 scheme key that can be set to ‘http || https’

     * The HTTP scheme to use when connecting to AWS.
     * @type {HTTPScheme} ['https']
    scheme: HTTPScheme = 'https'

Here is the type declaration

 * Type representing HTTP schemes
export type HTTPScheme = 'http' | 'https'

however it appears that the functions do not honor this setting, for example

    listBuckets(): Array<S3Bucket> {
        const method = 'GET'

        const signedRequest: SignedHTTPRequest = this.signature.sign(
                method: 'GET',
                protocol: 'https',  <============= Hard Coded
                path: '/',
                headers: {},

I have tried using minio set up for ssl for a self signed cert but the lib reports a tls error (not unexpected)

Is there a way to achieve this? I would expect this is a normal dev scenario, and am hoping for a way to make this work

Many thanks

Hi @markcupitt

Thanks for reporting this Lib does not honor scheme key in AWSConfig Object · Issue #43 · grafana/k6-jslib-aws · GitHub. And the PR you opened to fix it is much appreciated :bowing_woman: