Using alert on pre-recorded datas


I have some data recordings that I want to analyse and I would like to know if it is possible to use the alert system to select and find only datas that fullfil some conditions.
Those datas are recorded on devices not connected to the internet and I put them on influxdb afterward to then visualize them with grafana and find it there were some issues or not. That’s why I want to use the alert system.

Please help me.

Thanks you.

You can visualise historical data you have in influxdb

mmh, sorry can you explain ?
I don’t quite understand what you mean and how it could help me.

I don’t understand really what you mean alert on historical data

There is a system of alert with come conditions on grafana dashboard for real-time datas and when the condition(s) is / are fullfiled, an alert is triggered (exemple here :
What I want to do is the same (getting some alerts when some conditions are fullfiled) but not with real time datas but pre-recorded datas that I insert in influxdb after some time (because I can’t do it in real time).

So my question is if it is possible and if it is, how can I do it ?

What is interesting with alerts is that there is an state history with details of the trigger of those state changes, and that’s what I’m looking for to make looking into my pre-recorded datas easier and faster (because there are a lots of datas and I can’t look at all of it because it’s very time-consuming, so I want to sort it with conditions to see if there were somes problemes or not and if there were, at which time).

you can only alert on time ranges specified in the alert rule (so last 5min to now) or last 2 days to now, or last week 2 now. And have that rule evaluated every day or every minute. but you cannot evaluate it for every 5min period going back say 2 days.