User list into visulization

Hi there

I’m pretty new to this.
I’ve got a metric I’m pulling I only need it to display the list at current time. i.e. now
The only way i can seem to display it is via a log visual.

Anything else I can do with this?
Or other ways I can dispaly this, it’s coming in via zabbix as text: username1 username2 username3…
Not sure how to do anything else with options to tweak this.

Any help would be appreciated.

Screenshot 2024-04-17 165130

could you use a table?

A table just puts the time in and lists my users in one line.
I’m not sure what else i can do with that.

I’m new to this so no idea what my options are.
I’m trying to display users who are using a license for rlm.
Should I be capturing my user list differently?

Just wanting to pretty it up a bit.

can you post some example data, and maybe an idea of what you are expecting?

Hey @sowdenraymond

So this is an example of a flexlm dashboard.

Most rlm exporters reference this dashboard but I’ve found they break and what i’ve used in the past. But that’s another issue.

So something like this or with just user names, it doesn’t have to be in a pie chart.
Something to could self managed columns within a panel, if they don’t fit in the height for the panel?
i.e if the panel is wide enough for 3 columns then if would fill the first then move to the next.

can you show a table view of your data please?

Aside from the images posted earlier in the question i don’t have one.
That’s what I’m asking, is it possible and how could i create it?

Hey @jeffreymakuch!

You should try to play arround with some transformations, probably some Extract Field should help: Transform data | Grafana documentation

The idea here is for you to transform the userlist in a way that the panel visualization you use can be loaded with the data.

Hope it helps.