Upgrading Grafana Agent breaks free metrics (over limit) due to new agent "Instance"

What happened?
Upgraded Grafana Agent and this created a new instance, which duplicated the metrics, then grfana said the metrics was greater than the free cloud account. How can I configure the agent such that a version upgrade will not make it look like a new instance ID? Or what can I do as I only have one agent instance.
I changed back to previous version so my current dashboard only shows one. If I need to upgrade and break it, I will, I’d prefer not to.

What did you expect to happen?
Metrics collection (SNMP) and dashboard of devices would show metrics after Agent version upgrade. Instead, I have to select a new “instance” and the graphs start over.

Did this work before?
How do we reproduce it?:

  1. Look at graphs. Upgrafe Grafana Agent. Graphs stop until new agent “instance” is selected.

Is the bug inside a dashboard panel?
If the bug is inside a dashboard panel, please use the “Get help” feature. Select Copy to clipboard and paste the data below.


Environment (with versions):

  • Grafana version: Cloud - Grafana v11.1.0-68838 (22fe7b067c)
  • Operating system:
  • Browser: Chrome/Edge (Browser didn’t matter)
  • Datasource version(s) (prometheus, graphite, etc.): grafanacloud-jbeaver7-prom
  • Plugins:SNMP