Upgrade of grafana from 6.6.1 to 10.3.4


I have Grafana 6.6.1 running as k8s pod. I am planning to upgrade Grafana 10.3.4.
Can I directly upgrade to 10.3.4 without any issues. or I need to gradually upgrade to v7, v8,v9…
Any one can help with the steps? or any documentation on this will help.

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Wcome to forum @vthandra

Where is this grafana installed at? And what OS and what kind of backend is it using sqlite or mysql?

Hi yosiasz

It is running in my dev environment on ubuntu 20. backend means I didn’t get

Should I need to gradually update each version to reach 10.3.4 or can I upgrade directly to 10.3.4

the backend specified in the ini. either mysql, postgres or sqlite
how many dashboards do you have to migrate?

I would at the very least upgrade from one major version to the next, so 6.6.1
→ 7.x → 8.x → 9.x → 10.x

“Backend” means “are you using SQLite or MySQL as Grafana’s data store?”



we use postgres and dashboards like loki, alertmanager, k8s pod metrics

so your backend for grafana is postgres. do you have a separate test environment? @vthandra

No our test environment is dev . Once upgrade goes well on dev then we implement it in production

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While upgrading the grafana what backups i have to take and only changing the versions will be enough or there will be any configuration chnages in deploy yamls