Updating Grafana to 8.*

Hi there,
We’re trying to upgrade Grafana from version 8.2.7 to 8.*. Our Grafana instance is running in AWS ECS as a fargate task and it is connected to a Postgres database for persistance data. Normally we change the dockerfile version so that it builds a newer docker with the specified version but as soon as the docker is spinning up we’re getting the following error:
“Starting DB migrations logger =migrator”
“Executing migration logger =migrator= Add is_service_account column to user”
“Exec failed logger =migrator= pq: must be owner of table user”

The error seems clear enough but we cannot figure out under which account it is trying to update the table. The actual user account which is configured in the grafana.ini has admin permissions and was able to do all the migrations before with success. Has anyone else run into this exact problem? If so, what was your fix?

Kind regards,
Rick van Wijk

Hello :wave: and welcome to the forum, @rickvwijk

I think you should research this related GitHub issue and maybe add to that thread? If relevant?