Unable to serialise request object to protocol buffer: proto: invalid google.protobuf.Timestamp value

Hi all, maybe someone can assist me here.

i am building gRPC request based on a custom *.proto file that includes declaration of google.protobuf.Timestamp.
no matter which options i tried to populate “my_date_time” field, i get this error

ERRO[0000] unable to serialise request object to protocol buffer: proto: (line 1:85): invalid google.protobuf.Timestamp value "{\"seconds\":1618811494,\"nanos\":801877000}"
default at go.k6.io/k6/js/common.Bind.func1 (native)

maybe someone can suggest or guide me how to serialize google.protobuf.Timestamp value.
appreciate your help in advance.

proto example:

syntax = “proto3”;

package my_test;

import “google/protobuf/timestamp.proto”;

message Details {
double my_amount = 1;
google.protobuf.Timestamp my_date_time = 2;
int32 my_id = 3;

test.js file part

const data = {

const response = client.invoke(‘XXX’, data);

found how to resolve it,
no need to derive it in to seconds and nanos, we can simply init the date as string
i.e. my_date_time:“2022-01-27T15:07:56.572316900Z”