Ubuntu Installation Issue in Azure Pipeline

Hi Team,
I am following the steps given in K6 documentation for installing K6 in Ubuntu and I am able to install it properly in my local machine running in Ubuntu. I updated the same steps in Azure pipeline and I am getting an error.

Can someone help me to resolve this please?

Here is the snapshot for local machine installation.


I tried the options gave in the link
But it didn’t solve my problem. Any help is much appreciated.

Hi @satheeshpandianj, welcome to the forum :tada:

from a quick google search, I found https://stackoverflow.com/questions/55258430/e-invalid-operation-update-error-while-running-shell-scripts-in-wsl so maybe you could try that.

Either way, the problem is that apt-get update does not run for some reason so without the script you are running it will be harder to debug.

Thanks @mstoykov. I was able to solve this issue by rewriting my YML file properly.