TypeScript wrapper around k6

We want to include performance tests in our service repos, but because we’re using typescript to write them it means including webpack, babel and lots of other clutter into the repo. The build configuration for the performance tests (using webpack) is also different from building the service (using tsc) so we’ve ended up with an npm project within a project.

Has anyone tried making a wrapper around k6 that handles the typescript conversion to JS before k6 runs it? Or has any ideas about how I could build one?

Hi @sstratton ,

The k6 team has made this template repo but it does use babel, webpack, and co. so I don’t know how useful it will be, but I also don’t know how else you would do that.

I think I’ve cracked it. It’ll be internal to the company I work for, but I’ll ask if we can open-source it as it’ll probably be useful for a lot of people.