Trying to export Grafana Alert Rules in Python through API, but getting wrong version of the alert rule

Hi, Im currently trying to export Grafana alert rules through the alerts API in version 9.0.5 Grafana.
I am able to get a JSON response with all the information that i want, but the alert rules i export are the first state of the rule, not the current. When i run the script i get a state that was made in January 2023, but the current state was made in March 2023.

The way that i found out that this was the wrong state is by looking in the state history, where i can see that the edits made in the time between January → March was not included and the parts of the alert rule that has been deleted since January still exists in the JSON file that i exported via my script.

My Code:

import requests
import json

# Set the Grafana API URL and API key
GRAFANA_API_URL = "https://<Grafana instance>/api/alerts/<Alert ID>"
GRAFANA_API_KEY = <Personal Grafana API Key>

# Set the name of the output JSON file
OUTPUT_FILE = "alert_rules.json"

# Set the headers for the API requests
headers = {
    "Authorization": f"Bearer {GRAFANA_API_KEY}",
    "Content-Type": "application/json",

# Make the API request to get the list of alert rules
response = requests.get(GRAFANA_API_URL, headers=headers)

# Write the raw JSON response to a file
with open(OUTPUT_FILE, "w") as outfile:
    json.dump(response.json(), outfile, indent=4)

# Print a success message
print(f"All alert rules have been exported to {OUTPUT_FILE}.")

I used the following documentation: