Triggering post requests from Grafana

Hi All,

I’m new to Grafana. I’m using an Amazon PostgreSQL table as the data source (AWS RDS) and I am trying to visualize log entries as a table with Grafana.
The expectation is that the end users should be able to interact with the database from Grafana, e.g. confirm that they read a certain log entry. I’d like to have a button in Grafana, which would trigger a POST http request (created with Amazon API Gateway), which would then update 2 columns of the SQL table: isRead will be updated to true, readBy: name of the person who read the log.
Is this possible to achieve in Grafana? Originally, I wanted to have 1 button in each row of the table to convey the context (the id of the log entry that the user wants to update), but I’m open to alternatives.

It is also an expectation that the log id should be filled in automatically based on the context and the end user should be able to type in their name.