Transformation of Unix Time Stamp - Global Setting Possible

Hi Community,

I am quite to this forum so any help is really appreciated.

I am pulling data from MySQL db. The DB stores the timestamp in Unix Timestamp. I know I can use “Transformation” to convert to human readable but it looks like I have to do this on every Dashboard and Panel. Is there a way to set this on a global level so whenever I use the that DB column, it always converts it to human readable?


Hi Mustafa,

You can use the from_unixtime() function in your queries, that way you are converting at source, and it will be correct on every dashboard and panel:

from_unixtime(timestamp, ‘%Y %D %M %H:%i:%s’)

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Hi @sowdenraymond, but I have to do this in every query correct?

If you use views or stored procedures you only need to change it in one place