Transfer dashboard with alert from Grafana 7 to Grafana 9

I am migrating from grafana 7 to grafana 9 and I would like to know if there is a way to transfer my dashboards, containing 10-15+ ES and/or PSQL (sometimes mixed) data_source panels, without having to redo everything manually.
I’ve tried to copy/paste the JSON templates but I’ve realised that the structure is different and it doesn’t seem to work (unless I’m mistaken).

I apologise in advance if this subject has already been discussed.

What operating system is this on?

it’s Windows 10 (i’m not IT expert)

I would follow this approach.swap v6 to your version in that post. Idea being upgrade one full version at a time and fully test with actual sampling of users and actual identity management used.

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This seems to migrate all the server, i just want to find a way to copy/paste my dashboard.
Not a problem if it’s 1 by 1.

well, you mentioned the above approach of copy pasting does not work so it was recommended you try the migrate approach but you don’t want to try that out. Not sure if I can help you. Maybe other will chime in

The thing is i already have a server for grafana 9. As i’m not the only one working on i don’t want to create a new server.