TraceQL search by the boolean values not working

Hi Team,

I trying to get all the errors and searching by the traceql.

I have tried to use the span.error attribute, however I was not able to figure out the proper query. Below are the queries I have tried.

{“”} && {span.error!=“”}
{“”} && {span.error=“true”}
{“” && span.error!=“”}

But we do have multiple error spans during the time. Could you please confirm if I am doing something incorrect?

Hi, I think this explains the behavior you are seeing: TraceView: Represent OTLP Span Intrinsics correctly · Issue #59607 · grafana/grafana · GitHub The Grafana UI shows error = true but it is not really a boolean attribute, but the span status code. In TraceQL this is supported with the status keyword. Try a query like { status = error } This will find any trace with an error.

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Thanks a lot for the quick response. I see the status=error works.
Also as a side note, few errors have the error message populated for spans however few are just tagged error=true without error message. Any open issues for such behavior or is it expected.