This month's total consumption

Hello, I’m trying to create a panel that will give me current month’s total consumption regardless dashboards time frame.

I’m using InfluxDB+Home Assistant and i’m getting my readings as W.

I’ve been able to get the today’s consumption like this;

I also have the monthly chart working;

But cant get the sum of this 2 bars total as single stat panel…

Could someone gimme a hand, i’m still learning :confused:

Welcome to the forum.

For the Stat panel, in Value Options >> Calculation, select Total and then in Query Options >> Relative time, put now/M (which makes it so the graph will ignore the time selector and instead always show the month so far).

and see how the time selector value is ignored?

Hi grant2, thanks for your suggestion, didn’t realize there was “total” on value options.

Now my stats looks closer to what i was expecting but still something is off;

I have daily comsumption chart like below and i read the values of these 3 bars as;
BAR1: 3.13 kWh
BAR2: 2.68 kWh
BAR3: 0.896 kWh (Today so far)

and i expect my “This month so far” total to be sum of these 3 bars as 6.706 kWh

but my stat panel shows;

My query is looking like this, guess i’m doing something wrong with my query since i already added now/M to relative time.

Did you ever figure this one out?