There is a way to put alerts into a dashboard (table, not alert-list-panel)

Hello all,

I’m trying to see if there is a way I can put my alerts on a dashboard. So far the only way I have seen is the alert-list-panel and it works great but you cannot do the following:

  • Format values (like adding a coma separatator)
  • Sort alerts not by importance but value (say you have a server dropping packets and you want to see these first. Or a server running out of disk, show highest utilization first).

Can someone suggest a panel that can do this? If that doesn’t exist, what other documentation exists out there that shows how to do this?

Is this something that is easier to do using a regular alert plus some templating in Go (I could not figure out how to sort properly so that’s why I’m going this route).

Last example, this is how my alerts looks like



Could one leverage the alerts api to put together a dashboard ?

Hello Yosiasz,

Thanks for your quick reply.

Could you explain what you mean by using the Alerting HTTP API? I don’t think I understood your suggestion.

Also, looks like this is a deprecated API:

Note: Starting with v9.0, the Alerting HTTP API is deprecated. It will be removed in a future release.

Did you mean, read the alerts using the Alerting Provisioning API? That will allow you to create alerts, but not to get their values.

Oops didnt even notice that!
Wonder if it will be replaced with something else?