Thanos receive in Grafana Mimir


Currently we are using thanos with thanos receive. From the thanos receive docs:

The thanos receive command implements the Prometheus Remote Write API. It builds on top of existing Prometheus TSDB and retains its usefulness while extending its functionality with long-term-storage, horizontal scalability, and downsampling. Prometheus instances are configured to continuously write metrics to it, and then Thanos Receive uploads TSDB blocks to an object storage bucket every 2 hours by default. Thanos Receive exposes the StoreAPI so that Thanos Queriers can query received metrics in real-time.

We recommend this component to users who can only push into a Thanos due to air-gapped, or egress only environments.

We also have an egress only setup at the moment. See image.

On the control plane we have for each environment a thanos-store and the thanos-receive container reading from those 3 stores. The receive then ingests metrics from all 3 envs into prometheus as well as the thanos on the control pane side.

Now we wish to convert these 4 thanos environments to Grafana Mimir. I have 2 questions about this.

  • On the dev/test/prod side, how do we configure egress on mimir?
  • On the control plane side, what is the analog of thanos receive within the mimir ecosystem? And how to configure?