Text over Time for reporting


i have the idea to visalize incidents over time. What i need is a plugin that has a timeline, and is able to provide text.
Exampledata if an incident happen:
2018-02-14 01:05:01,291 {“Network_Fault”:“1”}

So i imagine a graph over a timerange with the key part “Network” as description in.
I have services wich have many dependencies, so i can see i this time “Network foo” is happen, in other time, a depending service is faulty. I think a good idea for reporting.

Someone know a plugin wich provides this?


This sounds like either normal time series data (time series data is a timestamp, a value and usually a name - all of which you have in your example data) in which case you can use the normal Graph panel.

Or it could be an annotation: http://docs.grafana.org/reference/annotations/#annotations