Text label with text data doesn't work in Geomap

We’re trying to display some geodata with text labels. Latitude and Longitude get processed correctly, however a text field is displayed as NaN even though it actually contains text. When we switch it to numeric or date/time data, it gets displayed correctly. Is is by design or a bug?


What version of grafana are you using?
Can you share a sample obfuscated data from the api as is, json data I assume?

Grafana 9.4.7
Example of data:

	"map": [
			"id": "VirtualTestDevice_last",
			"androidID": "aad2c8e8141a90e5",
			"clientAlias": "VirtualTestDevice",
			"lat": -34.0340967,
			"long": 151.0876983,
			"elev": 0.0,
			"timestamp": "2023-05-04T13:03:35.714+00:00"

Thank you!

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I’ve found what the issue was. Silly me!
I made this panel by copying another and forgotten to update the units:
Obviously, it couldn’t parse text to time

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:hatched_chick::hatching_chick::baby_chick: happens when we put it out there. Time for coffee or hang it up for tonight