Table with last N day counts using PromQL

Hi there. I’m struggling with the following and looking for advice on how to do this. I’d like to make a table panel with the following characteristics:

  • A row for each of three different endpoints my system queries
  • A column for the last 24h, 3d, 7d, and 30d

The promql queries for what I are about are something like this:


Where the URI might be /foo, /bar/, and /baz. I want to track how many API calls I’m making to those endpoints over a few different time periods.

Unfortunately, I’m struggling figuring out all the options for the table panel, so hoping somewhere here can help out. Thanks!

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Any success of that?

Replicate query for all interval values and you’ll finf those values as Value #A, Value #B and so forth in the Table Visualization. You need to add formatting overrides and than choose those values to set the formats.