Synchronizing VUs

I have a requirement that i need 10 users to same the endpoint and payload at the same time.
From another tool, they’ve used rendezvous. Is this option something i can do for k6?
Batching is for multiple endpoints from what i’ve read. I probably can replicate 10 endpoints and do batching, but i was not sure if there was an easier way like wait users or something

Hi @paomegalul ,
Currently this is not supported and I can’t find an issue, so feel free to open one :wink: .
Given the fact that we are talking about 10 endpoints … http.batch could be used in a single VU.
Take a look at both batch and batch-per-host options ( you will need to search as we can’t link in that table :man_facepalming: ) . You might need to raise them a little bit :wink:

I can’t figure out another way of doing it at this point … apart from using an external service to synchronize the endpoints and then to return … which will probably also not be perfect …