Stress Testing Thanos Query gRPC API

I am new to K8S and K6. I am using Thanos in my project.
Thanos Query component uses StoreAPI on gRPC protocol. I am trying to stress test Thanos Query using K6 gRPC.
I deploy my project on Azure Kubernetes Cluster along with observability stack including K6 operator.
I have following queries:

  1. How to use .proto files in Kuberenetes Cluster? Do I upload them in Kubernetes and refer in my test script? If so, how?
  2. How can I refer to nested .proto files? This is the main .proto file that I would like to refer to. It contains reference to other .proto files.

Hi @tarak.trivedi!
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Just in case, how to refer to .proto files in k6 script is described in these docs:

Now regarding k6-operator part. This seems like a case with “multiple files” script in context of k6-operator which is described in this section of README:

So .proto files should be part of the archive in Configmap.

Hope that helps!

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