Strange Extra stats when I do a query on Loki


I am putting together a dashboard and I keep getting stats appearing at odd times that say things Like Value #A and I cant work out why. Any ideas?

Hello @deanroker123, are you on Grafana 7.2.0? There was a regression introduced in that particular release that was fixed right away in 7.2.1. Basically we are running 2 queries - range and instant, where only range should be run. As I have mentioned in the github issue, the best option would be to upgrade to (at least) 7.2.1. If you can’t do that, you can use Filter by name transformation and hide Value#A (or B, C, D - depending on the query) which should solve your problem.

@ivanahuckova Thank you for the prompt reply. I was using 7.2.0 I had just pulled the latest docker image at the time. Guess I was just unlucky.

It all seems to be working ok now thank you.

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