Specific Routing not working for me, what am I doing wrong?

Dear Grafana-Lovers,

i am unable to create specific rules. I want one specific alert to be announced to a specific recipient. i’ve labeled the alarm with a “nametag”-Label containing “marpro” and i’ve created a Matching rule “nametag=marpro”, yet it does not fire towards that recipient… where is my mistake?
The “Test Send”-Notification works. Just the matching does not seem to work.

Grafana 8.5.4


oohhh, i did find it…
apparently matching stops if there was a notification triggered already…
Enabling “Continue matching subsequent sibling nodes” on my generic “alarming for everything” rule has fixed it.

Can you explain where did u enable that, because I’m enabling that but it is not working. Please see my case if you can Specific routing not working, see my config